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AccuRC isn’t just a simulator – it’s a complete modelling experience! Designed to give you the pleasure of owning, configuring and flying real models, every aircraft is accurately detailed and can be configured to meet your own requirements. Examine your aircraft in the ‘Workbench’ – a unique feature where you can see the control system working, tune your models, swap out components, change colour schemes and change the settings of electronic devices such as gyros and flybarless controllers. And you’re not limited to one set-up per model – you can have several copies, each one set up differently. AccuRC lets you enjoy a fantastic new level of realism – it’s like the real thing!

Minimum Computer Specification:

  • i3 2.1ghz or AMD FX6100, 4gb ram,
  • Nvidia GT425M or GT630,
  • Radeon HD 7640G or 7600M or equivalents. 2.5GB Hard Drive Space.
  • DirectX compatible sound card.
  • DVD Drive. Windows Vista/7/8.

Recommended Specifications:-

  • Intel i5 2.5ghz or AMD FX8350, 4GB ram,
  • Nvidia GTX 660 or Radeon R9 270,
  • Nvidia GTX680M or Radeon HD7970M or equivalents. 2.5GB Hard Drive Space.
  • DirectX compatible sound card. DVD Drive. Windows Vista/7/8.
  • Remote Receiver (Satelite) if used:
  • Futaba or Spektrum (and compatible units)
  • Please check for further information about compatibility updates.

Please Note:- It will take 25 minutes to install on your computer. – If you have Adobe 14 or higher you will need to remove it before installing.

Full System and Environment Simulation (FuSES ©) is how we describe AccuRC’s recreation of the entire RC component and control system from transmitter output to control surface movement. The simulator takes this virtual system and applies it to the environment using established aerodynamic theory to produce the most realistic and complete RC simulator on the market.
Ultra Detail Modules
AccuRC represents a significant advance in simulator design because of the way it reproduces aircraft in its virtual environment. All aspects of models are reproduced to a high level of fidelity including the main structure, canopies, fuselages, servos, electronics and motors. In addition, the performance and physical characteristics of each of these components is reproduced, e.g. servo speed and latency, engine power curves, blade and propeller pitch and chord, etc.
Component Swapping
AccuRC models are created using a CAD system and are then precisely rendered complete with working control systems and configurable components. That means you can now equip and tune the virtual model just as you would your own. What’s more, choosing different linkage set ups will alter the behaviour of control surfaces and produce a corresponding effect on the flight characteristics of the model. With AccuRC you are free to change blades, canopies, servos, engines and set the model up just as you would your own. Each model you take from the ‘Model Hangar’ is configured to fly ‘out of the box’ but you can then set the model up according to your own preference.

Working Control System
One of the incredible features you’ll discover in AccuRC is that every model has a fully working control system. Servos connect to control surfaces via properly articulated linkages including complex systems such as swashplates and collective pitch control arms. It’s just like the real thing!

Training & Model Configuration
We’ve taken a different approach to flight training. Rather than create an artificial environment with limited control functionality, we’ve introduced a flight stabilization feature in the virtual flybarless controller. This provides beginners with control assistance which can be gradually reduced as they learn. AccuRC also provides you with a suite of tutorial videos to ensure that you have a structured approach to learning to configure and fly both fixed wing and helicopter models. These are accessed directly through the simulator and a virtual transmitter is displayed on screen to show you the control inputs. Learning the skills to control model aircraft is one thing, but learning about how model aircraft work and operate is quite another – AccuRC is the only simulator to allow you to explore a wide variety of real model aircraft and properly understand how they operate.