All orders for goods accepted by Totem Hobbies (the vendor) are accepted subject to the following conditions, which shall form part and govern the contract of sale. Delivery of this letter to the customer or acceptance of goods by the customer shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions of sale unless the customer notifies the vendor in writing within 7 days of receipt of this letter. Any term sought to be imposed by a customer either in a document or otherwise that conflicts with or adds to these conditions is not accepted. No agent or representative of the vendor has authority to vary these conditions.


The customer has a right to cancel an order for items purchased from the vendor’s website, by telephone or by fax. This does not apply to items that have been machined, cut or specially ordered for the customer. The vendor may cancel any order placed by a customer until the goods are received by the customer if the vendor is no longer able to supply the item, there has been a significant price change of the item, or if the vendor suspects the transaction is fraudulent. If an order is cancelled by the vendor any monies paid by the customer will be refunded in full.


Products may be returned for a full refund within 7 days of delivery providing they have not been used and are in as new condition. The customer will bear any costs in return of goods for refund.


Any goods received by the customer that have suffered damage in transit on the vendor’s own vehicle must be reported at the time to the driver. If the goods are delivered by a third party it must be reported to the vendor within seven days of receiving the goods. The vendor will collect damaged goods from the customer and deliver replacement goods as quickly as possible at its own expense. The vendor will not accept any responsibility for goods damaged in transit if the customer reports the damage more than one week after receiving the goods.


The Vendor is not liable for loss of business or income due to shipment delays under any circumstances. Whilst the vendor makes every effort to ensure that goods supplied correspond to in every respect with the specification or description provided as the case may be, the vendor is not responsible for minor variations in specification, and no such minor variation shall be the subject of any claim against the vendor.


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