Swoop RTF EPP Flying Wing

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TX Ready! A ready to fly 35MHz FM mini delta that just needs your transmitter (delta mix required) and an RX crystal to be up and running. Moulded from one piece of impact resistant EPS, but with nice touches like a plastic top cover/radio hatch and Depron fins. Amazing as it seems, this model has a single 1300mah 3.7v Li-Po battery that powers both the motor and the RC system using a stepup transformer. Even then, fast and furious flights of 10 mins are still possible. And, with a wing loading of only 28g/dm2 (9.2oz/ft2), she's still pretty docile at low speed. Supplied complete with a dedicated charger for the Li-Po. Specification Wingspan: 565mm (22.5") Radio System: 4 Channel (Inc., no Tx) Electric Motor: 370 class (Inc.)

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