Miniaviation 2S 7.4v 450mah 45C Li-Po Battery

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MiniAviation 450 mAh, 45C, 2S1P UMX / Blade 130x Style Li-Po Battery Pack 450 mAh, 45c, 2S1P UMX / Blade 130x Style Li-Po Battery Pack We have been asked loads about when we would have a battery pack for the new Blade 130x from Eflite. As usual we didn’t want to rush out a pack, but instead take our time to find the best pack we could and here is the result. Our test pilot was very impressed with the extra head speed when he hit idle up, “loads of oomph” was his comment. A real 450Mah 45C rating (Continuous Discharge). The very latest LiPo technology is used in the manufacture of these cells. Others may claim higher numbers on their packs, but we use real numbers. 50% more capacity, 30% higher C rating over standard oem packs and only 1 gram heavier. Upgraded silicone coated wires to cope with the high current flow (24AWG). Correct connector ready fitted, fully compatible with oem charger.