Super Flying Model SE5A Kit

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The SE5A was probably the most famous allied fighter of WWI. It became the aircraft of choice for many of the ‘aces’ like Mick Mannock, due to its high performance.

The SFM SE5A captures the famous outline of the iconic aircraft well and adapts it to make a high performing model that has no vices. Like all WW1 fighters, she needs a bit of finesse to get the most from her, but that is part of the charm! Controls are responsive when needed but otherwise very forgiving. Not a model for the novice but fun for the more experienced flyer.

The balsa/ply structure is designed to slot together in a logical and strong manner and builds quickly. The easy-to-use instructions guide you all along the way and a full drawing/plan is provided to help understand the structure.

As standard, the model is desgned for EP power but can be converted to IC engine power easily. The design took that requirement into account. There is an engine conversion set with all the neccessary parts as an option (A-SFM86-GP)

The SE5A makes a great dogfight double with the SFM Fokker DVII (A-SFMEP46K).

• Sport scale appearance
• CNC laser components
• Traditional build kit
• Detailed manual
• Wing mounted replica gun plus scale exhaust components included!

Type: Wooden Kit
Wingspan: 1200mm (47.2″)
Length: 972mm (38.3″)
Weight: 2000g (Approx EP)
Servos: 4 x 9g Metal Gear (5 for GP) ( Quartz QZ103 Reqd)
Radio System: 4-5 Channels (Req.)
Scale: 1:6.7
Wing Area: 53.3 dm²
IC Engine: OS FSa56 4-Stroke (Rec.)
Speed Controller: Quantum 40A Brushless (Rec.)
LiPo: Hi-Energy 4S 14.8V 2700mAh 30C (Rec.)
Electric Motor: Quantum II 36 Brushless (Rec.)