Great Planes F-86 Sabre EDF Tx Ready

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There are a lot of jets and a lot of micros, but there’s only one F-86 Sabre — and it’s only from Great Planes. It’s the first micro that offers true EDF jet performance and authentic jet looks in equal measure — and it’s available as a Tx-R. It measures only 15” from wing tip to wing tip, but offers the scale looks of a plane twice the size and the performance that jet pilots want. A factory-installed brushless motor and a HyperFlow ducted fan unit provide the power and thrust for full-throttle passes just off the deck and outstanding sport performance. Fully assembled, carefully scaled and factory finished. Equipped for true jet performance with a ducted fan, brushless motor and ESC. Onboard gear includes three digital servos, as well as a 4-channel SLT receiver. The F-86 Sabre arrives fully assembled and ready for flight. A battery and charger are included — and everything else is installed.


  • Wingspan: 381mm (15″)
  • Length: 366mm (14.4″)
  • Weight: 67g (2.35 oz)
  • Servos: 3x Digital Ultra-Micro (Inc.)
  • Radio System: 4 Channel (AnyLink or Tactic)
  • Electric Motor: 11,500kv Brushless (Inc.)
  • EDF Fan Diameter: 30mm HyperFlow (Inc.)
  • Speed Controller: 6A Brushless (Inc.)
  • Wing Area: 3.4 dm² (53.1 in²)
  • Wing Loading: 20 g/dm² (6.4 oz/ft²)
  • LiPo: 2S 7.4v 200mAh (Inc.)

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